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New Paulton / Keynsham Chiropractic Clinic Patients


First Visit

At your first visit to the Paulton / Keynsham Chiropractic clinic you will be greeted and put at ease. A thorough history will be taken to build up a picture of your general health status and to explore any symptoms or problems you may be presenting with. With your consent, a thorough examination will then be performed with an emphasis on posture, and function of the spine and various joints and muscles. All this enables Tony to build up a picture of how well your body is functioning and performing and to establish if there are any areas of dysfunction or weakness that could be causing you to experience symptoms such as back pain, neck pain or headaches. You are very welcome to bring a chaperone to your appointments, should you wish to. Please rest assured, all notes taken will be kept confidential and stored securely. Please view our Privacy Notice here.


Report of Findings

Tony will discuss the findings of the examination and explain what the problem is, what needs to be done about it, and roughly how long it will take you to get better. If you require any further investigations (like X-ray, MRI or blood tests) or Tony feels that you will need to see another healthcare professional regarding your problem, this will all be discussed with you and the arrangements will be made.


Plan of Management

After a treatment plan is drawn up and agreed upon, it is important to follow the recommendations made by the chiropractor. If appointments are missed or you do not comply with the advice given, clearly this can slow down your progress. Treatments will normally need to be quite frequent initially, but as your body adapts and improves, the frequency of treatments can gradually be reduced.

Tony uses a range of effective evidence-based treatment techniques to get the best clinical results possible. These include:

  • Gentle and specific spinal manipulation / chiropractic adjustments
  • Extremity joint manipulation
  • Mobilisation techniques
  • Various muscle, soft tissue and stretching techniques
  • Westernised acupuncture / dry-needling.

Tony also offers appropriate and specific lifestyle / ergonomic advice, exercise prescription, health coaching and nutritional guidance.


Response to Treatment

How quickly a person feels better with chiropractic treatment can vary greatly, and this response depends on many factors such as:

    • Age
    • Chronicity and magnitude of symptoms
    • General health of the spine and body
    • Lifestyle
    • Level of physical and mental stress
    • Previous chiropractic treatment
    • Compliance with advice given by the chiropractor
    • Compliance with the treatment plan


It is important to remember that chiropractic is not a quick fix. As chiropractors, we are treating the cause of a problem. Therefore if a problem is particularly engrained, it can often take longer to gain good improvements in symptoms and wellbeing. Sometimes patients may even feel a bit worse temporarily before they feel better. All that said, research indicates that you can normally expect a positive response within four treatment sessions.

We do everything we can to offer the best care to our patients, and we pride ourselves on the fact that the vast majority of our patients gain great benefit from the treatment they receive. However, if you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of our care, we want to learn from that as we are always looking to make improvements. Please view our Practice Complaints Procedure here.