Price Increase Advance Notice: From 15th April 2024


It has been around 4 years since my last general treatment price rise, so I have certainly held off as long as possible. To ensure people did not miss out on treatment at a critical time, I was able to absorb the costs through the pandemic, what with PPE and reduced patient visits, as well as the subsequent inflation and ‘cost of living crisis’. However, with costs of everything unfortunately rising at such a rate, I am unable to hold off any longer. I have kept the increase as minimal as possible, and as far as I am aware I am still very competitive and transparent with my pricing.



Chiropractic Treatment               £45        (Includes all treatment that is deemed appropriate)

6 Treatment Visit Package          £258      (Paid in advance = £43 per session)

Child / Concession                       £35


First Visit:

Consultation and Treatment      £70        (Child / Concession    £50)

Consultation Only                        £40



Please note: There are no credit/debit card taking facilities on site so please bring enough cash or a cheque to your visits. Otherwise you can pay by online BACS transfer.